What Should You Include in Your Essay to Make it Worth Reading?

There are a lot of things you can do to make your writing more engaging

An excellent essay has several traits, including unique thought, a well-structured framework, and well-balanced arguments, among others. However, one component that is sometimes forgotten is the importance of interest in a successful essay. It should pique the reader's interest, keep them engrossed, and make them want to keep reading and learning more. 


A dull essay risks losing the reader's attention; even if your points are outstanding, a dull writing style or bad treatment of a dry subject matter might detract from the essay's positive qualities.


Academic writing does not have to be – and certainly should not be — tedious. The good news is that there are a lot of things you can do to make your writing more engaging, even if you can only do so much while staying inside academic writing's formal boundaries. Let's have a look at them.


  • Be interested in what you're writing about. 

If there's one way to ensure that your writing is engaging, it's to be interested in what you're writing about. 


Passion for a subject comes out effortlessly in your writing, making it more vivid and engaging and infusing an infectious passion into your words - just like it's easy to converse intelligently with someone about something you're interested in. This makes it quite simple to write engagingly about a subject you genuinely care about. EduWorldUSA will help you with your essay queries.


Problems emerge, though, when you are required to write an essay on a subject about which you are uninterested. It can be tough to summon enthusiasm for your least favorite subjects, and this will show in your writing.


Persuade yourself that there are no dull topics. If you find the subject or essay dull, it's your fault; if you're having bad feelings about it, attempt to discover something interesting about it. Consider how it relates to the real world and the significance of the topic. Look for interesting tidbits of information about it and consider it from a different perspective.


  • Include interesting facts.

A dry subject matter is another issue that might make an essay uninteresting. Some themes or topic areas are naturally dry, and it is up to you to make the essay more intriguing by changing your writing style (more on this later) and incorporating exciting tidbits of knowledge that will liven it up and make the information easier to relate to. 


With a dry subject, one method to do this is to make what you're talking about seem relevant to real life, as this is simpler for the reader to relate to.


  • Imitate the writing style of authors you admire.

When you read a lot, you unintentionally begin to imitate the writers' styles. As a result, reading extensively is advantageous since it exposes you to a variety of styles and allows you to begin to adopt the qualities of those you enjoy reading. Hire nursing essay writers to get the best essays.


If you're engrossed in a piece of writing, you know the author is doing something right! Consider what the writer is doing to keep your attention as you read, possibly underlining or copying certain words, strategies, sentence patterns, and so on. Then apply what you've learned to your writing.


  • Write in the present tense.

It's an age-old trick, but writing in the active voice rather than the passive voice will make your writing more fascinating to read. As a result, the writing becomes more direct and lively, making the reader feel more at the moment.' 


Unfortunately, many students use the passive voice in the mistaken notion that it will make their writing sound more scholarly or intelligent; in reality, it will make it appear dull. Keep in mind that the active voice is used when the sentence's subject "acts," whereas the passive voice is used when the subject is acted upon.


  • Learn how to write creatively.

When writing an essay, there's certainly a limit to how much actual story-telling you can do; after all, essays should be impartial, accurate, and balanced, which doesn't feel very much like story-telling at first glance. 


You can, however, use basic story-telling concepts to make your work more engaging. For example, just as the first phrase or paragraph of a novel is critical in attracting the reader's interest early on, the first paragraph of your essay is critical in persuading your reader to keep reading. Begin with an attention-getting 'hook,' such as a divisive comment, a tantalizing tidbit of information, or a rhetorical question.


  • Consider your viewpoint.

If all you do is paraphrase what everyone else says about something, your essay will be boring. A good essay – at least in humanities disciplines – includes the writer's intelligent reactions to what others say, and this critical examination not only demonstrates that you're thinking at a high academic level, but it also adds interest and originality to your writing. As a result, think independently, and don't be scared to show that you're doing so.

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